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We are proud to say that Hamilton is New Zealand's largest inland city, and is in the hub of central North Island. It is only about 1.5 hour drive to various iconic attractions such as Rotorua geothermal attractions, Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Hobbiton, Raglan's surf coast and the historic Te Aroha Mineral Pools as well as to other well-known coastal cities such as Auckland and Tauranga. Besides, there may be no better place than Hamilton to enjoy the most beautiful river view - Waikato River, the country’s longest river, which goes through the city center of Hamilton.

In order to facilitate you to experience the paradise in this world, we have launched the most popular tour schemes in Hamilton and North Island. You may choose one of them or tailor one for yourself. 

Booking entrance tickets with us for a better price!


我們為漢密爾頓而驕傲!漢密爾頓是新西蘭最大的內陸城市。它位于北島中心,開車大約一個半小時就可到達各著名景點,如罗托鲁瓦地熱活動, 怀托莫螢火虫洞,霍比屯,瑞格蘭沖浪海岸,歷史悠久的提阿如哈礦泉池,以及其他著名港口城市,如奧克蘭和陶浪家。此外,可能沒有比漢密爾頓更好的地方去欣賞最美麗的河景 -- 淮卡托河。淮卡托河流經漢密爾頓市中心,是新西蘭最長的河流。