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-  Booking is essential otherwise the availability of seats and activities cannot be guaranteed.

-  Full payment must be received at least 21 days before departure.

-  In case of cancellation, 70% will be refunded for over 15-day notice; 40% for over 4-day notice. 
   No refund for less than 4-day notice or no show on the day.

-  In case the scheduled tour can be carried out, but certain activity is cancelled by any of our service
   providers due to bad weather or any uncontrollable factor, the entrance fee or activity fee
   concerned will be refunded.


-  任何項目必須提前預約, 以保證座位和活動安排。

-  必須提前至少21天預付全款。

-  如出發前15天以上取消預約,返款70%; 4天以上,返款40%。 如不足4天取消預約或當日不到,不返款。

-  如預定計劃可以進行,但某項活動因壞天氣或不可控制因素而不能進行,相關的門票費或活動費可以退還。

Contact Us 聯繫我們

Postal address 郵寄地址:
PO Box 14059
Fivecross Roads
Hamilton 3252
New Zealand

Free phone 免費電話: 0800 700 080
Cell phone 手機: 029 7722039

E-mail 電子信箱: admin@yztransport.co.nz